Avachem Corp

Ron Kensicki is a Chemical Engineer with an MBA in Marketing and Finance that held progressive responsibility in large multinational corporations.

  • Dow Chemical: Process Engineer, Plant Management
  • Polaroid: Plant Engineer Silver Emulsions
  • Booz, Allen & Hamilton: Director (Chemical Focus)
  • Union Camp: Director International Sales, General Manager Europe

At Union Camp Ron initiated, negotiated and implemented seven acquisitions. As International Sales Director, Ron expanded the chemical products exports by over 200%. Ron was promoted to General Manager Europe and transformed the European business into a global product center expanding the Business.

In 1993 Avachem Corporation was formed to serve selected niche markets in Western Europe and the United States. Over the years the principal manufacturing products has changed (originally Shell, Witco, and International Specialty Chemicals) to the current manufacturers, importers, including:

    • Oleon
    • Chemtech BV
    • Latina Inc
    • Ivanhoe Industries
    • Air Products and Chemicals

Our mission is to serve you the customer. We provide green chemical intermediates by collaborating with global sources.
The common thread throughout our product range is the material is naturally derived, environmentally friendly, and serving a certified need.